Sunday, December 12, 2010

Harrison Ford Talks About Cowboy Movie

Harrison Ford's role as a television producer who has abandoned his day because of the age in his latest film, 'Morning Glory'. However, the veteran actor was also ready to wear his trademark fedora hat again to continue the action as Indian Jones.

"Oh sure, I really enjoy doing it," said Harrison told Access Hollywood about his readiness to star in movies to-5 'Indiana Jones'.

Harrison said, to get his role back and realize the movie to-5 'Jones', it has been exploring cooperation with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg for producing the film 'franchise' is.

"If an agreement is reached later, then I would love to revive Indiana Jones," he said.

While waiting, Harrison is now working to finish filming the sci-fi adventure film that is unique, titled 'Cowboys & Aliens'.

"I almost menyelesaian filming 'Cowboys & Aliens' with Daniel Craig, directed by Jon Favreau," he said. "Shooting the film was a valuable experience and extraordinary," he continued.

The film tells about a group of Apache Indians who must face the outer space alien creature that landed on their soil.

"I thought I was not going to play in the cowboy movies anymore, because the movie was kind of rare now. But, this movie is really shocking and I think the project will be very interesting. It's a real cowboy movie, feels like a classic cowboy movie," he explained.