Thursday, February 22, 2018

American Scientists Have Developed New Ebola Vaccine

American scientists have developed a new vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus. The new vaccine is likely to remain potent even after being stored for years. Ebola is one of the most deadly virus. This virus has killed nine out of 10 people infected. The possibility of Ebola is used as a biological weapon has spurred research to create vaccines.

Several experimental vaccines have been developed from the Ebola virus itself. But because of the strength of the virus decreases with time, a vaccine derived from viruses should be kept at very cold temperatures and the cost can be very expensive. Because the vaccines that use the Ebola virus that actually there are also concerns about its safety.

Because of that concern, researchers in Arizona seek a different way. The idea is to move in order to enhance the immune system defenses against Ebola material to make a vaccine derived from the virus surface. Scientists Kralovetz Melissa Herbst from Arizona University explains, "We take the proteins sticking and forming bumps on the virus. We call the protein gylcoproteins and we enter into the antibody."

Another researcher Charles Arntzen of Arizona University said antibody protein particles were attached to each other forming "immune Ebola" like a "blob."

To make materials glycoprotein antibodies, scientists used an unusual process. They start from the DNA that contain instructions for making proteins protruding from the surface of the Ebola virus, bacteria and put it into tobacco plants and then dipped into a solution containing the bacteria. Arntzen said the process could reprogram cells of tobacco leaves.

Melissa Herbst Kralovetz says the experimental vaccine has been tested in mice, which exposed the live Ebola virus. Combined with a material that is often added to make vaccines work better, says Melissa, four out of five mice are protected from Ebola virus.

Melissa colleague, Charles Arntzen says the vaccine can be dried into a powder that can be durable. The next step before tried on humans is to test the vaccine in monkeys. The research is reported online in the "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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