Friday, January 19, 2018

Are Often Written About Lars Ulrich

Lars Ulrich (born in Gentofte, Denmark, December 26, 1963, age 47 years) was the drummer for the group Metallica. His father was a professional tennis player Torben Ulrich and jazz musician who plays jazz with Stan Getz and Miles Davis. Lars Ulrich followed his father's footsteps in both these fields, playing tennis since childhood and learn to play music.

But interest in his music and then switch after listening to many musical groups of the New Wave of Classic Heavy Metal (new wave of British heavy metal music). At the age of nine, he then went to a concert group and become a fan of Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice. When he was thirteen years old he got a drum kit from his grandmother and started training seriously.

Four years later he went to Los Angeles, California, United States with the intent to play tennis. He then put classified ads in the local newspaper and get a response from James Hetfield. Together they then become the core group Metallica.

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