Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Dreaming Drink "Old" Tea

The habit of tea drinking in Japan is a traditional ritual of serving tea to guests. In ancient times referred to Chato or cha no yu, if outside the room called nodate.

Tea prepared exclusively by people who study the art of tea ceremony, called the Tea Master. Tea is not just poured with hot water and drunk, but as an art in its broadest sense. Was served and enjoyed by a group of guests in a special room to drink tea called chashitsu.

Tea ceremony reflects the personality and knowledge of the host, among others, purpose in life, ways of thinking and religion. In presenting the drinks, cups are provided for guests of women and men also differ.

Tea Master, the person who prepared to give a cup of tea (which is actually a bowl) is not haphazard, but according to "personality" of guests, usually the men were given a simple cup, and the women were given cups of flowers.

In general, use the tea ceremony matcha tea powder made ​​from finely ground green tea. Using matcha tea ceremony called matchado, whereas when using green tea sencha type called senchado.
And technical positions tea also has rules. His position is like sitting between two prostrations fitting prayer. For those not familiar, this is an uncomfortable position.

Also, before attaching the cup to his lips, the cup is placed in the palm of his left hand and right hand cups should rotate 180 degrees in three rounds! If you forget, this is considered very rude, and the host will be very offended. Because flowers pictures should appear at the front so the host knows that we really enjoyed the tea.

So, if you have the opportunity entertained the Japanese, it is not confused as to what should behave.