Friday, January 19, 2018

Recognize Places In US

United States can be divided into three major areas namely North America, Central America, and South America. North America is often called the Anglo-American and Central America and South America are often referred to as Latin America. It was an unforgettable moment, when we have an opportunity to the American roads. We can visit some places or famous cities in America, namely Hollywood, alaska, city of las vegas gambling, Disneyland.

As we told above that is the United States has many interesting destinations to visit. The United States has many attractions include the Yellow Stone National Park is famous for its glaciers, The Grand Canyon of Colorado, and Florida Peninsula which has a comfortable climate and beautiful scenery.

United States is the fourth largest country on earth seen from the total area of ​​9,371,829 km2 and its population. The United States comprises 50 states and the capital in Washington DC State of the population: In 2001, the population 284,500,000 inhabitants. The population growth is 0.6% per year, and population density of 44 jiwa/KM2. Indigenous inhabitants are red-skinned Indians. The majority population of the United States are those emigrants who came from continental Europe including France, Britain, Holland, Spain, and Sweden.

United States, especially the northern part is divided into two major countries namely the U.S. and Canada. America is the strongest and most modern countries today, both in the political, economic or industry. The United States also noted as a tourist destination most preferred by tourists the world in the earth is of course due to the uniqueness of Western culture combined with the modernization of the life of the people who also have a variety of races such as Caucasian, African American, Latino, Asian, and others.

The United States is very famous for the variety of exciting entertainment world such as Honolulu, Disneyland Anaheim, Las Vegas, Universal Studios and Hollywood in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando with Disney World, Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center, New York, Washington in eastern America. And that is not forgotten is the Niagara Falls, Toronto and Montreal in Canada.

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