Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Types Of Wood flooring

There are several types of wooden boards

1. Solid (full timber)
Intact wood that was not formed from the joint or combined, solid wood is quite popular : teak, sungkai, nyatoh, ramin, and the Dutch identity, etc.
Prices are calculated on the basis of Public solid wood, length x width x thickness ....... prices generally tend to be more expensive solid wood.

2. Layered (plywood: multiplex, triplex, etc.)
Plywood is commonly called triplex or multiplex, as the name suggests plywood formed from several layers of sheets of wood. The sheets are glued together with high pressure and using a special adhesive. Plywood consisting of three pieces of wood called a triplex. While that is comprised of more than three pieces of wood, called a multiplex.

Plywood thickness varies from 3mm, 4mm, 9mm, and 18mm with standard cross-sectional size of 120cm x 240cm. Plywood can be used as material for a kitchen set, bed, cupboard, or table.

Plywood has a large selection of motifs, which are often used as a coat closet or kitchen set, al; motive teak, sungkai, nyatoh, etc. ..... each motif has its own characteristics and color, are generally covered by a layer of plywood that this motif difinishing by plitur / NC and melamik.

There was also melaminto, namely plywood with a waterproof coating that is generally mounted on the inside of a kitchen set or to the inside of the bathroom door. There are several color options on melaminto.

3. Particle board
This type of wood that is made of coarse sawdust mixed with special chemicals, the mixture is then put together with glue and dried by high temperature.

Wood particles are widely used as material for a variety of furniture. However, wood particles belonging to the type of wood is not durable. Within a certain time, wood particles can change shape, especially if exposed to water and holding the load is too heavy.

4. MDF / (Medium Density Fiberboard)
Timber made from wood pulp mixed with certain chemicals, how to make it similar to the wood particles. MDF wood material processed wood is not resistant to water and humidity. For areas that have high humidity, you should not use MDF wood.

MDF wood finishing can be done with a layer of thin slices of wood (veneer), paper coating (Tacon, supercon, etc.), melamik or duco. The advantages of MDF is the surface is smooth and not porous making the finishing process is much more practical than the finishing process on other wood species, but there are also disadvantages that is the price that is relatively more expensive.

5. Blockboard
Wooden blocks measuring 4cm-5cm compacted using a machine, then given a coating, so the end result of such sheets of wood boards. Blockboard have two choices thickness, 15mm and 18mm, the price is likely to be cheaper than solid wood.

To assess the quality of the wood there are three determinants.
1. Weight Type -> determine heavy / light materials
2. Structural Strength -> determine the strength of materials in terms of structure
3. Water Resistance Level -> specify the material resistance to water

What type of board that is lightweight and strong?
If the board is made of wood intact, need to see the wood table, because the 'strong' there are two kinds, structurally strong, waterproof and strong.

Many ways to increase the strength of aggregates, among others, include additional chemicals into the mix aggregates, thus the material they will be able to hold water so that it can be used outdoors (exterior)

Board which is often used in the furniture industry is teak-block, which is actually where the multiplex is the outermost layer of teak wood, but on the inside is soft wood. This treatment will add value to the wood, because wood patterns that are sold '. is teak.

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