Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Value Colleges

Value Colleges ranking of the Top 50 Best Value Undergraduate Business Schools works to guide students to the business bachelor's programs that provide the best overall return on investment. Value Colleges used three data points to determine the ranking:
  • publisher and student reviews
  • annual total costs (IPEDs data)
  • early career salaries (payscale.com data)
Without further ado, the top 3 Undergraduate Business Schools are: (1) University of California, Berkeley, (2) University of Pennsylvania, and (3) University of Virginia. Value Colleges congratulates the top 3, as well as all the top 50!
The full list, in alphabetical order, can be found below.
As VC editors explain, "When you're getting your undergraduate degree, residential programs have something that online just can't deliver: people." The real key to making a return on investment in a business degree is the connections made, and the support the programs can give in job placement. "A residential program at a respected, well-connected school," the editors go on, "means more access to quality internships, facilities for research and idea development, and chances to build relationships with mentors, partners, and future employers." A great business school doesn't just provide a degree: it provides "a lifetime of colleagues and peers you can turn to when you need partners, employees, and employers."