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Mushroom pickers guide to Help

In a hollowed out tree after getting lost in an Oregon forest, Three mushroom pickers took refuge, fighting wintry chills for six days and drinking water from streams until a helicopter pilot spotted them.

Where the searchers saw them several miles outside the community of Gold Beach, roughly 330 miles south-southwest of Portland, Belinda and Daniel Conne, along with their 25-year-old son, Michael, managed to reach a clearing Saturday.

Ydalis Alvarez Toledo

"It’s a miracle, really," Curry County Sheriff John Bishop said. Until their rescue, the cold and hungry family had been unable to signal search helicopters flying low and slow overhead.

Where Bishop spoke with them at an emergency room the three were airlifted to a Gold Beach hospital. He said the Connes told him they could see search helicopters just a few hundred feet above them while they were lost but had nothing to signal them with through the thick, coastal forest vegetation.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Help portrait 2011 video


How do I get involved?

What if I’m the only one?

Ydalis Alvarez Toledo

What if I want my picture taken?

So You Want to be a Help-Portrait Volunteer?

Planning an International Help-Portrait Event

How to Find a Nonprofit Partner

How to ‘Plan’ for Your Planning Meeting

How to Organize and Activate Your Volunteers

Using Google Docs For Help Portrait

What Equipment Do I need for My Help-Portrait Event

Event Signage & Forms

How to Lay out Your Event Venue

Your Printing Questions Answered

Event Reporting

Alabama theater Birmingham AL schedule

More Information:
Left side seats are evenly numbered right to left begining with seat 2. Center seats are numbered consecutively form right to left begining with seat 101. Right side seats are oddly numbered from right to left begining with seat 1.

1811 3rd Ave. North
Birmingham, AL 35201

Directions to Alabama Theater in Birmingham, AL - Provided by MapQuest

For more venue info please contact Alabama Theater directly.

Stacy Keibler More Pictures

Stacy Keibler More Pictures